“Method Writing” Can Help You Create Believable Characters, Write What You Don’t Know, And Overcome Writer’s Block

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We recommend checking out this article: http://blog.bookbaby.com/2016/04/method-writing-create-believable-characters-overcome-writers-block/

Here’s an excerpt…

By BookBaby author Deena Nataf

By using the emotions that come to the surface with a daily writing regimen, method writing will help your writing stay authentic, help you stretch your writer’s wings, and explore aspects of the craft that are way out of your comfort zone.

You’ve learned it from every writing teacher. You’ve read it in every writing book. You’ve seen it on every writing blog. Write. Every. Day.

There isn’t any other way to become a writer. The act of writing makes you a writer, and from writer it’s not so far to the Big A: Author!

But you have to write every day.

There’s only one problem: You have no idea what to write about. How can you possibly come up with 365 ideas every year?

Well for starters, I’m giving you one day…

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