7 Smart Ideas for Book Marketing (after release hype fades)

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We recommend checking out this article: https://www.amarketingexpert.com/smart-ideas-book-marketing/

Here’s an excerpt…

When you have a new or pending release, it’s easy to be excited. You are easily motivated with smart ideas for book promotion anywhere and everywhere. And  youtake joy in every positive reaction, book request, and…of course, book purchase!

But, as with all things, that level of hype can’t maintain forever, even for authors with a dedicated following.

So how can you continue to build on the foundation you’ve already created and keep your book moving forward? It’s easier than you think. And, lucky for you, not only is this something I excel in, but I’d love to help you succeed too!

How do you keep marketing after your book’s launch hype fades? Here are 7 ideas! #bookmarketing…
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There are a to…

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