QUIZ: Finding the Right Social Media Strategies for Your Personality

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We recommend checking out this article: https://www.amarketingexpert.com/quiz-finding-the-right-social-media-strategies-for-your-personality/

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Social media strategies for authors can be tricky; you can’t just take blanket social media marketing advice and assume it works for your personality type and the kinds of people you want to reach.

So how do you get smart about using social media and figure out where to spend your time?

The goal with this quiz is to help you focus your social media strategies on one primary platform. That’s where you’ll put the lion’s share of your efforts. If you were looking at this as a pie chart, you’d put 60-70% of your time on your main social site and then divide up the rest elsewhere as you see fit.

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But keep in mind, when you’re don…

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