5 Simple Tips for Creating Video Content for Social Media

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We recommend checking out this article: https://www.amarketingexpert.com/5-simple-tips-for-creating-video-content-for-social-media/

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Prep your time and space before creating video content.

Creating video content is actually the fun part, trust me. The real work comes with the preparation.

Decide where you’re going to do your video, make sure the lighting is good, make sure the space is clean and relatively clutter free. If you’re shooting at your desk, there are bound to be a few things around. And that’s okay because it’s more personal. But you don’t want so much sitting around it distracts from the content you’re delivering.

Do a few practice shorts to check the angle, the lighting, and what shows up in the background. Adjust as necessary.

With proper preparation you can actually start creating video content for the whole month, in one sitting! Download my free book marketing planne…

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