A Change in Perspective: Tips for Writing from Multiple Points of View

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We recommend checking out this article: http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/craft-technique/a-change-in-perspective-writing-from-multiple-povs

Here’s an excerpt…

by Charles Soule

My novelThe Oracle Year, just out this April from Harper Perennial, is one of those books in which the story is told through multiple POVs. Each chapter shifts the eyes and mind through which we’re experiencing the story, and while we do keep circling back to a few main characters, I’d say there are still maybe 10 different points of view. (Now I’m running through them in my head, counting them up. Yeah, at least 10.)

I didn’t invent this technique—it’s been around since the dawn of literature, and more recently, George R.R. Martin uses it with great success in his Song of Ice and Fi…

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