Every Writer Should Attend At Least One Writers’ Conference. Here’s Why.

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We recommend checking out this article: http://blog.bookbaby.com/2018/06/every-writer-should-attend-at-least-one-writers-conference/

Here’s an excerpt…

By BookBaby author Steven Spatz

Whatever writers’ conference you choose to attend, you should feel good about doing it: you’re taking an important and useful step toward realizing your literary dreams.

There are a lot of ways new authors can educate themselves about publishing and engage with the larger literary community. One is to join local writing groups. Another is to read blogs or become a Goodreads contributor.

But of all the means of jump-starting a writing career, perhaps none is more effective than attending a leading writers’ conference. In fact, even if you’re just aiming to become a better writer, you should attend a writers’ conference. Here’s why.

You’ll learn from professionals

A primary perk of attending writers’ conferences is …

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