What Is (and Isn’t) High Concept Fiction, and How Do You Pitch It?

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We recommend checking out this article: http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/writing-fiction-online-editor/what-is-and-isnt-high-concept-fiction-and-how-do-you-pitch-it

Here’s an excerpt…

Pitching a high concept novel can be the key to skyrocketing to the top of agents’ slush piles, according to Angie Hodapp of Nelson Literary Agency. But what is (and isn’t) high concept fiction, and how do you go about pitching your high concept idea?

I had the pleasure of attending the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference a couple of weeks ago. Alongside old friends of WD like James Scott Bell (Don’t miss him at our Novel Writing Conference in California next month!) and authors I personally admire (A two-hour world-building workshop with Christopher Paolini? Be still my heart!) were dozens of literary agents, authors and editors who presented in-depth and engaging talks on everything you need to know about writing and publi…

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