Red Pen Praising: The Best Thing You Can Do For A Writer

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By BookBaby author Dawn Field

This twist on editing can turn those red marks on the page into something a writer craves. Red pen praising only highlights the best of a writer’s work.

All writers fear the red pen, at least that’s how the joke goes. The strikethroughs, calls for rearrangement, and “shouty comments” in red all over the page can be daunting.

Of course, if it’s a great editor’s mighty red pen, these special marks are akin to gold.

But there’s another way to be very happy about red marks on your draft: when they highlight your best work. Red pen editing in this form is a simple and positive way to give authors a lot upon which to ruminate.

If you are the reader/editor, underline in red what you love. Any word, phrase, …

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