October Observances to Inspire Your Author Marketing

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We recommend checking out this article: https://www.amarketingexpert.com/october-observances-to-inspire-your-author-marketing/

Here’s an excerpt…

Welcome to our list of October observances and content ideas for your monthly author marketing plan!

Please read this NOW, because there are some really fantastic promotions that can be planned around a number of October observances.

And if you haven’t downloaded our Monthly Book Marketing Planner yet you can grab that here!

Remember, without regular connections to readers, you’re just another book on the shelf (literal or virtual) they have no vested interest in…so take the time to make yourself stand out by using our monthly observances and tips to create timely, interesting content with your own unique twist.

Here’s a list of causes and interests associated with the month of October:

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Read the rest of the article through the url at the top of the post.

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